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Link to more HHP cars here.


1970 Boss 302 street car undergoing sheet metal replacement:

One-piece floor pan installed:

Tail light panel cleco'd in prior to welding:

After media blasting and firewall forward painted correct satin black:

Boss 302 Trans Am racecar under contruction:

Trans Am Boss 302 fuel cell:

Rare C.H Grove rear brake set up.  Similar to D0ZX, utilizes front rotors and calipers on rear.  With Fays2 watts installed:

Custom engine turned dash panel installed.  Modern tach has since been replaced with SW green line:

Engine: rare Holman-Moody dual plane high rise, HM no script tall valve covers, Team Car SS headers:

This video features a 'sister car' to the HHP Trans Am car, driven by my friend Brian Ferrin down in Monterey a few years ago.  This is one of the 'Body in White' racecars built by Bud Moore.

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